About Us

About Us

RedPanda is the latest e-commerce platform that allows easy online accessibility, convenience and enhanced customer experience in browsing and purchasing fitness products at anytime, anywhere. Established by a group of experts with over 20 years’ experience, RedPanda understands the needs and requirement of today’s busy executives who prefer to undergo their fitness routine in the comfort of their homes.

Over the past 20 years, we have sold our products across the Asean region and established a strong network of research and development centers supported by solid logistic and service systems. With these strong research and development capabilities, we have developed a market niche and become one of the top fitness equipment distributors in the region.

Today, RedPanda’s wide range of advanced and creatively designed fitness equipment are available online to cater towards our consumer needs.

We are proud to say that we are the preferred distributor of leading Asean and European fitness brands amongst other renown international sports equipment companies, many of whom we have established long term and stable cooperative relationships.

At RedPanda, we strive for quality and affordable fitness equipment to be made available; hence our slogan “Now Having Your Indoor Gym is not Merely a Dream”.

We work hard and collaborate with domestic and international partners to ensure progress together and to always delivering the best to our customers.

High Quality, Low Prices Daily

Why our price is lower than other stores with same quality? At RedPanda, we customize and create the best items directly from the factories. We are a fully online shop and we deal directly with the source, omitting middle men such as agents, importers and wholesalers. This reduces our expenses and allows us to be able to provide our customers with high specification products at affordable prices!

From the smallest item to the largest one, our wide range of advanced and creatively designed fitness equipment are available online to cater towards each and every one of our customer’s various needs.