Green Bean Stew Water Benefits for Pregnant Women

Jun 24, 2016

Green Bean Stew Water Benefits for Pregnant Women Green beans is a kind of pod - leguminous who sometimes had a day - the day we consume. Beans that have small form contains many nutrients that are good for the body, especially for pregnant women. Yaps, for those who are pregnant are advised that consuming green beans. Because pregnant women are in need of nutritional high enough for the health of the baby later. However, it also should consume in excess of green beans, at least pregnant women should be able to meet the nutritional needs each day. Nutritional content Green Beans…

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3 Keys Lifestyle & Mindset To Can Live Up to 100 Years

May 09, 2016 - Who would not want to live longer, enjoy the world and venture into places that offer a beautiful view of the challenging? Everyone wants to live a healthy life is always strong, and be productive no matter even if the age is not young anymore. But how to live a happy and long life? Looks like you need 3 of the following, because according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3 it can increase your potential surprisingly long-lived. Run a Healthy Diet Eating is a major concern if you want to increase longevity.…

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4 Sleep Position and Influence on Health

Mar 03, 2016

Did you know that a good sleeping position can affect your health? It turns sleeping position can affect the condition of the body when you wake up the next morning. If you sleep with the wrong position, you most likely will not be able to go through the routine well. As quoted from page Lifehack, following some guidelines how sleeping position can affect your health. Sleep on your back just as beneficial to perform yoga. Sleep on their backs was the same benefits when you do yoga "Savasana" or commonly called the "death pose" ie lying flat position. Yoga Experts…

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Type Sport For Seniors / Elderly

Nov 22, 2015

f you are still under 40 years old still has a strong physique for running, jumping, lifting, or hitting you tiudak problem to do any sport. But does this mean that older people no longer need to exercise? No! On the contrary, those who have entered the elderly require more exercise than young people, because exercise is the best way for them to improve their health, improve movement, and also enjoy life. Well, kind of sport and what kind of exercise should be done by the elderly? Obviously, the answers to these questions depend on age, physical condition, and motivation…

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4 Ways to Maintain Body Health Daily

Oct 31, 2015

How to maintain a healthy body is very much at all, ranging from the natural way or by modern methods using high-tech tools. Indeed healthy is expensive, many people are willing to spend money to have a healthy body or want to recover from the disease in order to come back healthy. However, many of those who do not know that there are natural ways to still be able to have a healthy body. Obviously with how to live a healthy lifestyle and natural, unfortunately, many people are now just live a less healthy life. Many of our daily activities…

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