Type Sport For Seniors / Elderly

Nov 22, 2015

f you are still under 40 years old still has a strong physique for running, jumping, lifting, or hitting you tiudak problem to do any sport. But does this mean that older people no longer need to exercise? No! On the contrary, those who have entered the elderly require more exercise than young people, because exercise is the best way for them to improve their health, improve movement, and also enjoy life. Well, kind of sport and what kind of exercise should be done by the elderly? Obviously, the answers to these questions depend on age, physical condition, and motivation…

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Benefits of Physical Exercise.

Aug 24, 2015

Fitness is not just providing fitness and body shape desired course. This activity also provide other benefits that are not realized. Here are the hidden benefits of physical exercise:  Accelerate Wound HealingThere are various factors that affect the fast or slow healing of wounds. New evidence from a study suggests that physical exercise contributes significantly in wound healing. In the study known that adults who exercise regularly, heal faster 10 days than those who do not practice. Improve Sleep QualityNot just run for hours or grueling weight training that could make it easier to sleep. Regular physical exercise such as fitness…

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14 Tips to Make Getting Ripped Easier

Jul 24, 2015

1. Track your food intake First, a bit of a surprise: You don’t necessarily need to put in more gym time. “Working out is really only 15 percent of the equation,” says Nelson. Instead, you’ll be spending more time at the grocery store and in the kitchen. “The diet is 85 percent.” Miller suggests tracking what you eat to start with, so you can then look at how to tinker with it. Related: Lose Weight in Less Time: The One Hour a Week Workout  2. Focus on fiber Major chiseling means seriously changing up your carb intake. Nelson recommends focusing on fiber-full legumes,…

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