3 Keys Lifestyle & Mindset To Can Live Up to 100 Years

May 09, 2016 - Who would not want to live longer, enjoy the world and venture into places that offer a beautiful view of the challenging? Everyone wants to live a healthy life is always strong, and be productive no matter even if the age is not young anymore. But how to live a happy and long life? Looks like you need 3 of the following, because according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3 it can increase your potential surprisingly long-lived. Run a Healthy Diet Eating is a major concern if you want to increase longevity. Quite simply, focus on eating by reducing sugar and salt, multiply the vegetables, fruits, grains and fish and less red meat. Exercise Routine One study found that middle-aged people to the elderly who diligently exercise or move up a sweat can reduce the risk of death by 13%. In other words, you will more longevity than others if the exercise routine. Discover The Purpose of Life Everyone needs to have a purpose in life, what you want to achieve so that the person will always have the motivation and passion to stay alive. Researchers gathered data from 136,000 people in the United States and Japan for 7 years to learn one important thing about life, knowing that they have a strong purpose and can make sense of life turned out to have 20% less likely to die quickly. In other words, you can live longer if they have a purpose in life. So, if you do not have the above 3 things in your life, start right now and live longer, so you can see your children's children to adults later.