4 Sleep Position and Influence on Health

Mar 03, 2016

Did you know that a good sleeping position can affect your health? It turns sleeping position can affect the condition of the body when you wake up the next morning. If you sleep with the wrong position, you most likely will not be able to go through the routine well. As quoted from page Lifehack, following some guidelines how sleeping position can affect your health.

Sleep on your back just as beneficial to perform yoga.

Sleep on their backs was the same benefits when you do yoga "Savasana" or commonly called the "death pose" ie lying flat position. Yoga Experts explain this position can improve posture, reduce headaches, restore energy and reduce insomnia. Especially if the mattress is used to follow the shape of your body during sleep.

The only problem at this position may be somewhat less appropriate for people who have a habit of snoring.

Sleeping on his stomach could injure the neck.

Many people sleep in the prone position either consciously or unconsciously, and in the time period long enough. It is potentially injuring several parts of your body, especially your neck. When your stomach for a long time, you put undue pressure on the upper part of your body. You also put your neck in an uncomfortable position.

This can cause stress on your neck and can result in pain in the neck, and if you are hard to look at her the next day after you sleep on his stomach, needed the help of therapy to overcome it.

The problem is not only sleep on his stomach on the neck. You also would put too heavy a burden on your lungs, which can interfere with the respiratory system. The prone sleeping position should be avoided whenever possible.

Sleep on her left side good for the heart.

To the left side sleeping position helps circulation and blood circulation to the heart, and also avoid direct pressure on the liver, but did you know that many gynecologists who recommend pregnant women sleep on his side to the left? The position in the research is the most comfortable position during pregnancy, and is also believed to circulation through ari ari infant nutrition could be better channeled.

Sleep on your right to raise stomach acid.

Sleep on your right can increase the risk of acid reflux that can cause insomnia and discomfort in the abdomen. Patients with stomach acid should be trained to sleep in a way changed its position to the left during the night. With this position you can reduce acid reflux


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