Overcome Pain When Menstruation? This movement Effective Yoga For You

Aug 08, 2015 - There are some women who often experience pain or painful menstrual cramps. There are many reasons that make this happen, and if it is like this, sometimes it can be very disturbing activity and can even curl up in bed all day.

Do not want to constantly feel pain during menstruation, quoted from, here's a simple yoga moves done to relieve pain during menstruation, which is sitting up straight as if cross-legged.

How, sitting up straight with both legs straight out in front of repose mat.
Then slowly bend your knees in front of the body and unite the soles of both feet.
Hold with both hands, with a strapping body.
This movement is very suitable for those who have never done yoga or a new still do yoga because it is very simple. Perform and hold this pose for 3 minutes at least 2 repetitions while regulating the breath.

Not only can relieve pain or menstrual cramps, yoga can also relieve the symptoms caused by menopause in women. But if your knee pain, avoid doing this movement.

Make sure you do it with ease and do not press too hard the two back legs.