Prevent Memory Decline With Warm Chocolate cup

Jul 08, 2015

Hot chocolate or hot chocolate is one of the delicious drink is quite popular. This sugary drinks can also change a person's mood for the better in a short time. Favors drunk while warm, especially when the air is cold in the morning to come.

Presented dishes at breakfast will provide extra energy for the body, is no exception with its companion drinks. If you get bored with a dish of beverages such as juice or milk, it does not hurt you to try drinking hot chocolate. It tastes good to be liked all the family members.

Chocolate can help prevent heart disease and dementia

In addition to providing additional energy, chocolate is high in antioxidants known to ward off free radical cells and can also help prevent heart disease. Chocolate also contains flavonoids that can help reduce inflammation and prevent insulin resistance in order to minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes

And recently, a study shows another benefit of a warm chocolate drink. The researchers from Columbia University Medical Centre, found if chocolate can help prevent demensia.Teknisnya is by increasing blood flow to a part of the brain.

The study showed that the main ingredient in chocolate may prevent memory decline associated with age in healthy older people. In addition, the flavanol antioxidants in chocolate can help improve memory or memory in the elderly.
The researchers analyzed whether cocoa flavanols may improve cognitive performance and brain function in 37 people aged between 50 to 69 years were given low and high doses of flavanol chocolate for approximately 3 months.

They are in this case the researchers found that participants who get the intake of flavanol chocolate in high doses are known to have memory or memory skills were better than those given in low doses of flavanol chocolate.

"This study shows that the antioxidants present in chocolate can improve cognitive performance by increasing the blood flow to certain areas of the brain," said Dr. Clare Walton, a researcher in the study.

The researchers revealed bahwsa one factor memory loss associated with aging is the change in certain areas of the brain, and it can be overcome by the intervention of food or drink.

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