Type Sport For Seniors / Elderly

Nov 22, 2015

f you are still under 40 years old still has a strong physique for running, jumping, lifting, or hitting you tiudak problem to do any sport.

But does this mean that older people no longer need to exercise? No! On the contrary, those who have entered the elderly require more exercise than young people, because exercise is the best way for them to improve their health, improve movement, and also enjoy life. Well, kind of sport and what kind of exercise should be done by the elderly?

Obviously, the answers to these questions depend on age, physical condition, and motivation of each individual. It should also be remembered that the type of exercise that is described herein is made for those who have reasonably good health or normal in general, and not suffering from a particular disease or a particular physical abnormalities. Before we talk about the kinds of exercise that is, it helps you to know in advance what things you need to avoid the exercise.

Before you start an exercise program, it is important for you to first consult your doctor. Doctors can determine whether the program is suitable and good for you. When the doctor had approved, then you can immediately run it with a feeling of calm. Another thing that needs to be examined for seniors who want to exercise is no application of the principle '' No Pain, No Gain ''. This principle may be good for young people trying to increase muscle, but for those who are elderly, this principle could even harm.

Now let's talk about exercise for the elderly. Two of the several types of exercises are recommended for the elderly is an aerobic / cardio and fitness. However, not everyone is fond of the practice. Most seniors prefer to walk. No problem, because walking is also very good for seniors.

Walk for 30-45 minutes every day can make a big difference to your health. Your body will get more oxygen and your blood circulation will be more smooth. In addition, running can strengthen your bones. When the weather is bad outside, you do not need to worry, because the walk can be done in the room with the help of a treadmill.

Water gymnastics is another sport that is good for seniors, because this sport can free your body from the pressure of gravity and at the same time allows you to play in the water. Sports hereinafter may sound strange to you, but the elderly are still allowed tries to lift weights. Doctors and sports trainers highly recommend the elderly to lift weights several times a week to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and maintain bone density.

Thus Type Sport For Seniors / Elderly. Hope it is useful.