Green Bean Stew Water Benefits for Pregnant Women

Jun 24, 2016

Green Bean Stew Water Benefits for Pregnant Women
Green beans is a kind of pod - leguminous who sometimes had a day - the day we consume. Beans that have small form contains many nutrients that are good for the body, especially for pregnant women. Yaps, for those who are pregnant are advised that consuming green beans. Because pregnant women are in need of nutritional high enough for the health of the baby later. However, it also should consume in excess of green beans, at least pregnant women should be able to meet the nutritional needs each day.
Nutritional content Green Beans

Green beans contain nutrients that are good for the health of the fetus, such as folic acid are useful for babies born with the condition in order to avoid defects. In addition, folic acid also affects the development and growth of nerves in the baby so it can increase the intelligence of the baby. Well, look at the table any content contained in 100 grams of green beans following:
Contents : 
Number / 100 gram
7 grams
7.6 grams
19 grams
0.9 mg
Omega -6
119 mg
Folic acid
159 g
0.2 mg
99 mg
266 mg
0.3 mg
48 mg
27 mg
1.4 mg
0.8 mg
15 mg
vitamin A
157 IU
vitamin B1
0.72 mg
vitamin B2
0.45 mg
Vitamin C
3.0 mg
Efficacy Air Mung Bean Stew

From the table above, there may be now thinking what are the benefits for pregnant women of any nutrients and nutrients to the green beans. The content of each has its own benefits for pregnant women and their fetuses. So, here are some of the benefits of the content of green beans that are beneficial for pregnant women.
At the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding, a mother will have increased energy needs. The green beans are high in carbohydrates is a good choice. Starch in it will be converted into energy, so as to meet the energy needs for pregnant and lactating mothers.
Folic Acid
The content of folic acid contained in green beans are useful for the health of the fetus in order to avoid birth defects like cleft lips, heart defects, and other types of disabilities. So it is important for you and the health of the fetus to consume green beans.
Inside the green beans have a very high protein content compared to protein found in eggs, meat, and fish. Protein in it including complex proteins that form essential amino acids and non-essential, so it is advisable to consume green beans. The function of a protein for pregnant women and breast-feeding is to manufacture and repair damaged cells, so nice consumed during early pregnancy. Moreover, good for baby's growth and can repair damaged tissue after childbirth.
There are many types of minerals in green beans, one of which calcium and iron. Calcium is useful for forming bone and tissue in the fetus and during breastfeeding is also useful for the growth of bones and teeth baby to grow up fast. In addition, avoid bone loss or osteoporosis for pregnant women. While iron is useful for pregnant women during labor in order to avoid bleeding. The function of iron mebentuk hemoglobin makes the blood becomes thick.
Green beans contain vitamins A, B1, B2 and C are useful for sufficient vitamin during pregnancy and lactation. Vitamin A is useful for pregnant women to avoid premature infants born and is good for eye health of breastfed infants obtained. While vitamin B1 and B2 good for the health of pregnant women and infants, in order to avoid the stress of childbirth and helps the formation and growth of the network. In addition, the content of vitamin C in green beans useful as an antioxidant and improves the fertility of pregnant women.
How to Make Green Beans Sari

In addition to the benefits of the content above, still more corpulent benefits of green beans kendungan others, such as fiber, thiamine and others. Well, you already know the benefits of kendungan green beans, but how to get all the nutrients and these nutrients and how to make it. Do not worry, there are many ways that you can do to get all these benefits, one of the green bean cooking water. Now you must be thinking how do I make it? Well, here's how to make green bean cooking water or more commonly known as green bean juice.
Material :
1 handful of green beans
Two glasses of water
How to make :
First, wash the green beans thoroughly and drain. Then, enter the green beans that have been drained before the water into the pan. Boil and stir occasionally until the water turns red. Remove and strain the cooking water. Drinking green bean cooking water that is filtered before when cold. So, eh made, other than that you can also create a slurry of green beans the same benefits and usefulness for pregnant women.


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