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RedPanda Belt Fitness Exercise Bike 320

Newest static bike from RedPanda , adapting bearing system to apply smoother rotation and belt for tension control will give you lower noise and comfortable use.

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Newest static bike from RedPanda, with bearing system and belt gives you maximum comfort when exercising at home. Suitable for those who wants to exercise without going outside, for those in recovery after injury, and for therapy to reactivate leg muscle or health problem.


Sweet design and durable frame gives the user comforts when exercising and furnish your room. 

Equipped with matching color monitor to help the user to monitor the exercise routines.
This monitor can help user to achieve affective exercise, for example by keeping the speed at the same rate for couple minutes, or giving time limit to your exercise.
With this monitor you can work your fitness up more efficiently, try to make an exercise schedule by scheduling the exercise time and average speed to reach while exercising.


Redpanda Bike 320 is provided with rubber pads on each front and rear foot.
The pads at the front other than as protectors is also serves as a wheel for easy moving.
The pads at the rear other than as protectors is also serves as balancer, you can choose between 10 choice on each side to adjust height when it is used on uneven grounds.

Redpanda Bike 320 also provided with seat adjustment to adjust your body posture so you can exercise more comfortably. With 6 height position, kids and adults can use this exercise bike.

Pedaling system on RedPanda Bike 320 is bearing system. With this bearing used, the rotation while pedaling will be softer and less noise, it also gives more durability.
There are 2 bearing placed on this exercise bike, 1 on eace side, the use of these two bearings will give you more comfort pedaling and biking sensation.


Tension control is provided to adjust weight on your pedaling, giving hill climbing sensation while exercising.
Redpanda Bike 320 is using Belt system tension control, giving more stability and less noise. The use of this belt tension control also gives more comfort while pedaling, because it will feel softer on each pedaling.

Product size : 64cm x 41cm x 104cm
Maximum load : 100kg
Net/gross weight : 10.5kgs / 12kgs
Carton size : 22cm x 43cm x 63cm
Steel tube thickness : 1.2mm
Plastic : 100% new PP Plastic
Monitor : Time , Speed , Distance , Calories
Tension : heavy duty belt with bearing system
Manual : 8 pages of A5 on black word
Packaging : 1pcs/carton