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Treadmill Redpanda 583

Motorized Treadmill RedPanda 583 is an electric fitness home use type cardio that is practical and space-saving. Motorized RedPanda Treadmill 583 is a practical and frugal place recommended for heart health, fat burning, increased stamina and weight loss. The running speed can be self-determined according to your running ability.

Rp. 6.250.000,-
Rp. 4.375.000,-

On the control monitor there is an indicator of the results of the exercise that has been done which is the travel time, your speed during running, calories, distance to monitor your workout, and can calculate your pulse while running. Motorized RedPanda Treadmill 583 is perfect as a physical fitness exercise tool in your own home.

Spesifikasi Treadmill 583:

* Motor 1hp

* Speed Range 1 - 12km/h

* Running Belt 1100x400mm

* Max Beban 100kg

* Monitor with Speed, Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie and IPAD Holder

* 12 Function Programmeable and P1-P12

* Rubber Cushion

* GW 34.5kg, NW 30kg